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Klebsiella Vetovax™ SRP®

Choose the first —and only— Klebsiella mastitis vaccine in Canada

Klebsiella Vetovax™ SRP® is a new vaccine that uses siderophore receptor and porin (SRP) technology and it is made from Klebsiella pneumoniae bacterial extract that has been shown to be effective for vaccination of healthy cattle 22 months or older against mastitis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Keep cows in the herd longer!

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Salmonella Vetovax™ SRP®

Are Salmonella outbreaks sucking away dairy profits?

Salmonella Vetovax™ SRP® is a vaccine that uses siderophore receptor and porin (SRP) technology, made from Salmonella Newport bacterial extract, that has been shown to be effective for vaccination of healthy cattle 6 months of age or older against infections caused by Salmonella Newport.

Keep milk production flowing!

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What is an
SRP® Vaccine?



SRP: Siderophore Receptor and Porin technology

Porins: protein pores in the cell wall that allow essential nutrients to enter the cell

Siderophore receptors: specialized porin proteins that transport iron-siderophore complexes through the cell wall

SRP® technology: siderophore receptor and porin proteins are extracted from the bacterial cell wall and used as vaccine antigens

How does it work

Gram-negative coliforms require iron for growth.
Vaccine creates antibodies to block uptake of iron.
Gram-negative bacteria share similar SRP proteins.
Vaccination is a good tool to be used as part of a whole herd solution with dairy farm management.



The mode of action of SRP® vaccines is different from that of whole-cell autogenous or core antigen vaccines. The SRP® vaccine antibodies bind and block uptake of iron and nutrients through bacterial cell wall pores, starving bacteria of needed nutrients. Since it is designed from siderophore receptors and porins, specialized proteins on the outer membrane of the bacteria, the SRP® vaccine provides strong overall immunity.


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